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Friday, November 21, 2008

Market outlook

  • Dow Jones
  • Hang Seng
  • STI

I would recommend shorting the STI if any rebound happens. Keeping time frame of at least 1 week before cutting any lost or when the Red parabolic SAR cuts the price curve.

* This blog is serve as a means for me practise my TA, and for your own reference only. It is not an investment/trading advice. It is always best to consult your personal financial adviser before parting with your money.


pepper said...
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pepper said...

great work for someone who is still studying, and I applauded your interest in the financial field.

My humble opinion, when you give a view on the market, make sure you state exactly your entry and exit point. Don't be afraid to be wrong, people will respect you for that.

Also, in the current market environment,it is difficult to trade with a 1 week time frame. (5% move these days are the norm)

I share your opinion on keeping to the short side but beware of the poor liquidity in the market, you could very be stop out believe it reaches your objective (which you did not mention in your post)

Continue with the good work.


ntuchartist said...


Will be more precise with the actual entry and exit points in the future.

Also, yup, i agree the market is very volatile nowadays, much more than it was a few months ago.
But I am trying looking at really short term trades, like a few days. But it does seem like either my TA is not working very well, or the market is just not very predictable.

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