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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Week analysis of market

Dow Jones

Based solely on TA. It seems that it is bearish at the moment. And highly lightly that it is going to go lower.


Based solely on TA. It is not as bearish on the Dow Jones, but it is highly lightly that we will be following the direction of the US. However this 'not as bearish' sign could mean that when there is a rebound in the Dow Jones, the STI will jump higher than the Dow Jones.

In general

I feel that the market now is subject to too many 'big news'. The recent summit's outcome will definitely have an impact of the world's stock markets. Hence I feel that, unless you are investing for the long term, please stay away from the market.

In my personal opinion, TA will be more effective in a trending market where there is no major 'big news' that can on its own change the direction of the market instantly. However in the past few weeks, there are too many packages to 'help' the economy and too many 'big bad news' that are moving the world's market.

Trading now, is really more like gambling.

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