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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

TA on Jaya Holdings and Oceanus

As requested by bay
  • Oceanus
In my opinion, it is bullish, as all the signals are there.
However, it has the same problem with volume as Tat Hong. A big drop in volume from 5-6 Nov, though it is still increasing from 6-10 Nov. Also, the volume signal here is not as good as Tat Hong, as the increase in volume is nothing out of the ordinary. Whereas Tat Hong's increase in volume is something unusual.
Thus, I would not trade this stock as not all signals are clear, even though most signals shows a bullish trend.

  • Jaya Holdings
I would definitely not trade this. The parabolic SAR almost gives a sell signal. Together with an increase in volume as the share price dropped. The stock is also trading below the moving averages.

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