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Friday, November 7, 2008

How this blog will be like (updated)

  1. I will first look at the indices of the Dow Jones, STI, Hang Seng index before deciding whether I should go long or go short (market general trend)
  2. Will generate a list of some stocks to long or short ( depends on the market)
  3. When to sell/buy through the week, will be updated on the blog
  4. The above steps are subject to review daily, if the market trend changes suddenly
I will give each stock a percentage weightage of my total portfolio. This is to differentiate what I feel is a better stock than the other 'not as good' stocks.
The final profit/loss will also be calculated after taking this weightage into consideration.

Finally, I hope to be able to update everyday but due to my current busy schedule, I will keep to at least one update a week.

* This blog is serve as a means for me practise my TA, and for your own reference only. It is not an investment/trading advice. It is always best to consult your personal financial adviser before parting with your money.

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