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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Some info

From the last meet up I organized. Though I have always known that the Singapore stock market is being manipulated to a certain extent. I did not know that it is actually quite serious. This is because our market is really too small. Any one individual with say 20 million will be able to move a stock on his own, and 'bluff' everyone into believing that the stock price is going up.

Also, with their kind of resources, they are also able to make fake TA signals. Hence we must be always wary of such things. The safer bet will be to trade the US stock market, where the market is too big too be manipulated.


Edwin Edangelus Cheng said...

All markets are manipulated to some extent, be it Singapore or the United States. That is the power imbuded in the Rich, given the huge amount of wealth they have. As investors/traders, our prime objective is to track where the Smart $ is going or exiting and follow the Up or Down trend accordingly.

Trading in foreign markets entails some additional risks as well, such the risk of currency depreciation, which would possibly eat into trading profits.

If we can't make $ in our own backyards, how do we expect ourselves to make $ in other people's backyard?

Trade with care, Have Fun and Make $


ntuchartist said...

Yup, we should follow where the smart $$ is going. And forex losses is definitely quite substantial, considering that the US dollar is expected to weaken significantly.

On the fundamental side, I would think we can apply FA more easily into investing. However for TA, I feel that a less 'manipulated' market like the US might be a better place to trade and due diligence must be done on researching on the US economy.

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